Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as all watches are accepted on this basis only.

1.  Fake or counterfeit watches. It is against my MBHI Code of Ethics to work on fake or counterfeit watches. Under no circumstances will I accept these watches for repair. Any such watches will be returned immediately to the owner.

2. Posting watches. By arrangement watches may be posted 'signature required' for repair within New Zealand only.  Please contact me by email regarding this and I will provide you with my mailing address.  Please do not send watches without my agreement; they will be returned to sender. The owner must decide on whether postal insurance is required.  The watch will be returned using a similar postal service.  No liability for watches lost in the post will be accepted under any circumstances.

3. Workshop Guarantee. Watches are guaranteed for a period of one year against faulty workmanship from the date of repair. This guarantee does not cover subsequent accidental damage of any nature, nor does it cover breakage (e.g. of mainspring, crystal, case or bracelet, etc.) which clearly cannot be due to the work done during the service. The guarantee does not cover any aspect of repair other than those agreed with the owner at the time of service. The guarantee is null and void when there is evidence of neglect, misuse or rust. Watches serviced are not guaranteed as being waterproof (see below).

4. Waterproofing. Please be aware that most vintage watches aren’t waterproof, and can’t really be made properly waterproof. Watches of this age often have corrosion of the case and pendant tube.  This means that even when seals and gaskets are replaced waterproofing is not achieved. Additionally, it may not be possible to replace some seals (e.g. crown gaskets) because they are obsolete. For that reason no waterproof guarantee is offered. For those watches that should be waterproof I will provide you with an 'at service' indication of how watertight they are using a wet pressure test.  Please note that this test does not imply any guarantee that they are waterproof.

5. Payment.  Full payment is required prior to a watch being returned to the owner.  Bank transfer preferred, but cash payment accepted by arrangement.


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