What will it cost?

The servicing of a watch is time consuming, requiring considerable practical skill and experience, a wide range of equipment and the ability to source parts that are often obsolete and very hard to find. Please note that I may be unable to work on some watch brands because manufacturers are restricting the availability of parts to independent watchmakers.  If this is the case I will recommend alternative options for repair.  

The price list below provides guidance on how much it will cost to service your watch. These prices are based on dismantling, cleaning, reassembly and adjustment.  A new mainspring for mechanical watches will normally be required which will be charged "at cost". If the work required goes well beyond this basic service (i.e. substantial rebuild), then the cost will increase. Any additional work will be discussed and agreed with the owner before work commences. Prices exclude additional replacement parts that may be required. No GST is payable. Please note return time is typically four to twelve weeks depending on how long it takes to receive parts from overseas.

Case/bracelet cleaning and light polishing/buffing is also included in the price.  Please see section below  on case polishing and other services available. 


Indicative price list

Appraisal and postage charge if returned to owner without repair                                           $30

Pocket watch with going barrel                                                                                                      $225 + parts

Pocket watch with fusee                                                                                                                  $300 + parts

Manual wind wristwatch without day/date                                                                                    $225 + parts

Manual wind wristwatch with day/date                                                                                          $250 + parts

Automatic wristwatch without day/date                                                                                         $250 + parts

Automatic wristwatch with day/date                                                                                               $275 + parts

Additional charge for one piece cases                                                                                            $50

Manual wind chronograph with or without date                                                                            $350 + parts

Automatic chronograph with or without date                                                                                $400 + parts

Watches with complications (e.g. triple date, alarm, split seconds chronograph)                      $400 + parts

Quartz analogue                                                                                                                                By quotation

Quartz chronograph                                                                                                                          By quotation


Additional Services

​Other services also provided include:

Dial refinishing.  If a wrist or pocket watch dial is in very poor condition then it can be refinished to a very high standard. Collectors often prefer the dial to remain original, but personally I prefer to wear a watch that has a refinished dial if it improves its look. This is is a specialist service which I can organise for you at cost.  Please note that the dial will need to be sent overseas, which will be entirely at the owner's risk.

Case polishing.  The need to polish cases is contentious to say the least and many collectors prefer to leave them untouched.  Every time a watch is polished there is inevitably some loss of metal and the edges and lines of the case are compromised. High-end brands such as Rolex and Omega include case polishing but I would recommend that this is avoided unless absolutely necessary (e.g. very unsightly damage that can be safely polished out). If you wear a watch regularly it will not be long before the case shows signs of wear anyway, so there is little point in refurbishing the case to 'as new' condition.  If you require a case to be polished then please contact me to discuss.

Hand made parts.  I can make parts such as pocket watch balance staffs, springs, etc. As you can probably guess this is very time consuming and so can be expensive.  Please contact me to discuss.


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